Posh Wash Dog Wash
Self-Serve Wash
Leave the mess to us and take home your sparkling
clean pet. Our caring staff will clean and
disinfect between each client, ensuring a safe
and comfortable experience for all.
Full-Service Grooming
For those occasions when you require full service
grooming or you just don't feel like doing it
yourself, Posh Wash Dog Wash LLC provides full
service grooming.

Self-Serve Wash

Are you tired of washing your pet in the bathtub as well as cleaning up the bathroom afterwards?  Is your laundry overflowing with pet towels after you’ve bathed your pet?  Is your back aching after washing your pet?  If this is you, then try washing your pet at our Posh Wash Dog Wash.

Full-Service Grooming

One-on-one grooming services are provided by experienced, caring, gentle professional groomers.  We call you as soon as your pet is ready for pickup.  We provide a calm environment.  We keep your pet as long as it takes to groom (usually 1 hour for small to medium pets; 2-3 hours for larger dogs/standard poodles or doodle mixes).